Cloocast is the platform where educational companies can store, protect, distribute and charge for blended learning

In addition, you get access to a range of smart features that meet the needs of professional trainers.

Is your organization interested in a personalized solution with different channels, the possibility of more administrators and a license-based payment plan? Check out Cloocast Business.


The learning of the future will increasingly take place digitally, remotely and on demand.

Cloocast is a cloud service that helps you offer your customers the sustainable learning of the future. With Cloocast, you simply become a better educator.


We have made it easy to sell online courses

When you register your account, your short journey to training at Cloocast begins. It is very easy to set up an online course on the platform. You get started right away by following our clear instructions. You can prepare some steps beforehand.


Vi har gjort det enkelt att sälja onlinekurser

När du registrerar ditt konto börjar din korta resa till utbildare på Cloocast. Det är väldigt enkelt att lägga upp en onlinekurs på plattformen. Du sätter igång direkt genom att följa våra tydliga instruktioner. Vissa moment kan du förbereda innan.


At Cloocast, you store, protect, distribute and sell your online courses. The platform supports blended learning and your customers stream in up to 4K.

An online course can be made up of pre-recorded material, recorded screen and sound, physical / digital meeting, uploaded files and a test department with certification or course certificate. In addition, you get access to smart functions such as license keys, blended learning, My pages and The digital classroom. The platform’s task is to facilitate your business, help you scale up and make you an even better educator.


Let your customers pay for your course with Swish or secure card payments

Your customers can pay by invoice, secure card payments or with the popular payment method Swish. You pay no fixed costs when you sell your course with us, our fee of 20% on your sales price + SEK 10 is deducted when someone buys your course. You only pay for the platform when you sell.

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