Answers to the most common questions about Cloocast Business

-Personal data (ie backend management) is located in Germany. The mobile (film) is located in the USA (but in the mobile material there is usually no personal information)

– Cloocast does not brand any material. Many choose to put their little watermark on the course already during production.

-Cloocast business includes this very feature. This is where we make it possible for you to create channels for different customers and in that package course offerings in slightly different ways. You can package online courses, manuals, instructional videos and files as you wish. Cloocast business is a license-based service where you store, protect, package, distribute and charge for online courses to different customers exactly how you want.

-In Cloocast business, you will be charged individually by each customer depending on the content of the package or the agreement you have with the customer.

-In Cloocast Business, you or your customer who is a channel administrator will be able to enter users in each channel either manually or by uploading csv files. You or the customer can also send out links to the channels to people who can then go in and register themselves.

-Cloocast Business can be used as an education portal where you collect both your own and external actors’ material.

-Yes, when you have created an online course, you decide for yourself whether it should be private or public. If it is private, it is only distributed to those you give access to.

-Multiple questions or free text questions work well. Tests with multiple-choice questions are corrected automatically and provide direct feedback to the user. We do not support image issues in the upcoming version.

-You do not need your own web host as all courses are posted and stored on Cloocast. Then the platform itself is web-based and the communication is encrypted.

-The channel administrator can see the users’ progress. Here you can see which courses they have taken or started, how far they have come and if they have taken a test, the result can be seen.

-Yes, the plattform is responsive

-Guidance on how to do your setup is included in the agreement. We charge extra for technicians if you want us to do it for you.

-Your administrator creates a channel for your customer. In the channel, you or the administrator of your customer can divide users into different groups. Users themselves cannot create groups or invite others.

-The courses are put together based on completed modules. The modules can be, for example, pre-recorded moving material, documents, images or audio files. You create the course by uploading the modules and organizing them into different sections. You can enter an appointment for a digital meeting or physical meeting as well as a test episode directly in the portal.

-Create a channel for each user group / target group and distribute it individually.

Does your company need a smart training portal to package and distribute online courses, instructional videos or manuals to customers?
Do you also want to charge on your own terms?
Then Cloocast Business is the service for you.