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Your customers pay safely and securely with Swish or debit cards. At Cloocast, your material is protected from illegal downloading. Your online course is only available to paying customers for a limited period of time. The time period, ie how long your course should be available for paying customers to stream, you set when you publish your course. Only paying customers or those who have been assigned a license key can stream and watch the course.

License keys

For those of you who sell B2B, we have developed smart licenses. When you buy a smart license, you can choose to assign it to a specific e-mail address or send a so-called activation code to the person who will have the license. The person who owns the license can in turn take part in your course without having to register on Cloocast or pay for the course yourself. A smart way to, for example, distribute your online course to existing customers’ employees in a safe and flexible way.

My organization

When you register as an educator on Cloocast, “My organization” is automatically created on the platform. Simply described, “My organization” is a separate group for your company’s employees so that together you can create and manage the company’s collective training.

Channel – Your public company page

When you register an educator account on Cloocast, you get your own “Channel” that you can fill in with information. Enter your company name, logo, web address and a detailed description. In addition to the company presentation, all the company’s published educations are visible in your Channel. A bit like a youtube channel but where all videos are protected behind a paywall. You can create more sales for your business by marketing and generating traffic to your channel.

Private and public online courses

An online course can be private at Cloocast. When you choose to publish a private online course, it will be automatically linked to a four-digit code. Only those who have the code can unlock the course on Cloocast. A private course is not publicly listed on Cloocast and is also not visible on the company’s channel. When you want to make it available to a customer, you send out a url link to the place where the online course is located and the four-page code, then it is free for the customer to stream. Private online courses are a perfect way to distribute education that contains trade secrets or NDA restrictions.

Timed course premiere

An online course can have a release date. You who publish the online course can set a time and date for the premiere and the buyer can see a countdown to “Grand Opening”. A Premiere creates expectation but also has an important function. For example, if you sell the course to a company and the training is to take place according to a fixed schedule. Then you do not want the course participants to be able to go in and peek at the course content before the course starts.

Knowledge test and certification

When you create your online course, you may want to end with a section where the student will undergo a knowledge test. You create the test and its questions inside the digital classroom (see below) on the platform. A knowledge test can contain an unlimited number of questions where each question consists of up to four different fixed answer alternatives, but it can also consist of free text answers that the student can write in.

Course player

Since it is important for us who sell courses to maintain a high quality, we have placed great demands on the course player itself on the platform. It is built to compete with the absolute best in the world and supports 4K. With an intuitive interface where all content belonging to the course is gathered in one place, the Cloocast player is simple and educational to handle for the student. The streaming takes place without any interruptions as the computer has to “think” and the participant returns to where she left off after a break. The streaming is also encrypted so that we can largely avoid illegal downloading or misuse.

When you create your online course, a section may be a live meeting in, for example, Zoom, Teams or Google Meet. Or even a physical meeting in a place, place and time. An online course that consists of recorded episodes combined with live episodes is called hybrids. When you create a hybrid course where a section is to be a meeting, your course participant will have the opportunity to choose from up to three future bookable events. Each occasion contains information about a bookable place (physical address or digital address) as well as the date and time.

Blended learning with live meeting

Blended learning with multimedia files

When creating your online course, a section might be a file (image or text document) or an audio recording. Of course, Cloocast has support for all possible types of combinations, just keep in mind that all media files and attachments must be separate sections. Remember: Documents that are uploaded to your online course will be able to be downloaded and saved by your course participant and thus remain in their possession even after the streaming time has expired for the moving part.

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