Cloocast AB, 559251-4557, provides educational portal and course platform for blended learning. In the document, the cloud service is referred to as system, service, tool, product and in these cases refers to the same delivery.


The cloud service Cloocast provides an educational portal and course platform for blended learning. The service is built around functions/modules such as:

  • Webshop, Cloocast play.
  • Channels (own course platform)
  • Create online courses
  • Knowledge test
  • Certification
  • Digital classroom
  • Chat with course participants
  • Licensing of courses


Cloocast launches new features on an ongoing basis – so-called continuous integration.
The functionality our customers have access to in the system they are also entitled to during the term of the contract. In addition to this, improvements and updates of functionality are obtained free of charge. However, in cases where third-party functions or other functionality in addition to the basic offering is used, for example SMS authentication, handling of e-mail volume in addition to the basic volume, access to own domain and/or database/storage, etc., such additional costs in addition to subscription fees shall be borne by the Customer. The basic offer includes 5 GB of storage space and 10 active users. Prices in addition to the basic range are available on request.

Supplier’s general terms and conditions

Cloocast’s general conditions for use of the service, in addition to what is mentioned in this SLA, are specified by agreement, which is available at If there is a conflict between the SLA and the individual agreement, the individual agreement takes precedence.

Ownership of data

Customers own all data and information created in Cloocast’s system.

Access to customer data

  • Students’ profiles, csv
  • The trainer’s own course content, such as videos, documents, etc.


Data cleaning procedure in the event of contract termination

When a company account is deactivated, the company administrator has a three-month grace period to download the company’s data before it is deleted. The deletion occurs automatically and all data is removed from the system.
When an employee account is deleted, the employee cannot log in. After three months, all data concerning the employee is deleted from DB.


Cloocast undertakes to provide support for all issues that may be related to the user of the service. Support via email is available to registered users of the service with a response time within 24 hours. With the customer, the registered administrator is also entitled to general support via telephone during normal working hours on weekdays excluding weekends.

Incident management process
In the event of a shutdown, an email is sent to affected users. That email describes the reason and when the service is expected to be available. Availability must be delivered in accordance with the SLA.

  • A support request is made via the web or emailed to
  • A support case is created in the Cloocast Helpdesk.
  • In case of technical problems, a development case is created:
  • The technical matter is classified on the Normal/Severe/Critical/Blocker scale
  • Critical and Blocker cases receive the highest priority and are resolved in most cases during the same working day
  • The case is returned to the user via email and, where applicable, via telephone.


Cloocast uses service providers within the EU for data and media storage and for distribution (hosting) of the service. Cloocast guarantees an availability of 99% around the clock, all year round. When reporting any errors, Cloocast strives to initiate troubleshooting within 24 hours during working hours. Cloocast server is located within the EU. Cloocast takes reasonable efforts to minimize the time when it can be made unavailable, for example due to planned, or unplanned, downtime for necessary service and maintenance. The customer is informed well in advance of planned downtime.

We recommend the latest version of the browser you prefer for the best user experience. Cloocast supports the following browsers: Chrome version 18 and later, Firefox version 24 and later, Safari version 7 and later, Microsoft Edge and Edge Chromium.


Cloocast AB works to deliver good quality, where the goal is that (i) the service must meet the customer’s specific requirements, (ii) the service is uninterrupted, fast, secure and error-free, (iii) the results that can be obtained from using the service will be accurate and reliable, (iv) the quality of any products, services, information or other materials purchased or obtained by Customer through the Service will meet expectations, and (v) any errors in the Service will be corrected. Cloocast does not accept liability for direct, indirect, incidental, special, typical or consequential damages of any nature.
However, if Cloocast has acted grossly negligently, compensation can be based on what was actually paid by the customer for the service during six (6) months immediately before the occurrence of the damage. Cloocast holds company insurance.


Cloocast uses servers with a high level of security to protect the application and information in the service. For communication with the system, we use security certificates over the SSL (https) protocol, which increases the security of data communication, among other things, all data sent over the internet is encrypted. The service has built-in password policy management. In addition to this, the possibility of IP demarcation is provided as well as the possibility of obtaining your own server installation.


Cloocast AB