You can prepare this before you post your course

Course name

What should the course be about and who should take it? Choose a name for your course that attracts the target audience.

Short and long description.

Under the heading follows a short introduction. Describe in 100-180 characters what the course is about. Further down is a detailed description where you can describe in detail what your course is about and what you can expect to learn.

Course content

Your course can consist of different sections. Streaming is pre-recorded motion picture that should be a maximum of 5 min / episode. A section can be a uploaded document, such as a powerpoint or a pdf. But a document can also be an attachment to a streaming episode or meeting. An episode that is a meeting can be conducted on any platform (eg Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom) but can also be a physical location with address, date and appointment. A test can be added after another section or come as a final section of the course.

Trailer and / or cover image

Cut together a selling trailer (under 30 sec) or create a still image with text that describes what your course is about.


Think about what a realistic price for your course is and how long it should be available to the customer after purchase.

What is included

You must state the type of material your course contains. Do you offer pre-recorded episodes, live episodes (or mixed, so-called blended learning), downloadable documents, knowledge tests, certification, etc.